Douglas Blackard COPM

Healthcare Consultant

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Healthcare Consultant


I am an administrator of a medical group practice with considerable experience in operations, financials, organizational governance, human resources, risk and compliance management and patient centered care. I have been a part the leadership teams for family medicine and the surgical specialties of otolaryngology, orthopedics and ophthalmology in facility and non-facility environments and have guided these teams through MIPS, PCSP, IAC, AAA and Joint Commission accreditation processes. Our latest success has been the development of office-based anesthesia services with equivalent outcomes and reduced healthcare costs.

Prior to transitioning my career to healthcare administration, I was a certified athletic trainer at the high school, Division I collegiate, professional and olympic levels. As an employee of the United States Olympic Committee and the Philadelphia Eagles Professional Football Team, I recognized the dedication and determination that it takes to not merely succeed, but excel. It was also in this environment that I recognized the humility and evaluation required when you do not succeed so that that you may improve performance with the next opportunity. This is the vision and leadership that I bring to the team and work environment.

I am involved with my professional associations so that I may network and learn from like-minded individuals. Leadership roles have included committee involvement, board participation, and past presidency of Texas MGMA and Gulf Coast MGMA.

During my "down time", I enjoy being with my wife, down hill skiing with my son, and playing guitar for my daughter.

If you are interested in high quality patient-centered care, I look forward to meeting with you and collaborating on the future of medicine and our organizations.